A camera makes you fly

The world through my lens

About me

I’m an audiovisual student at Atheneum Anderlecht. I’m currently rounding up my 6th year of high school and during this time I have had the chance of telling all kinds of stories by photographing, filming and audio recording. As a child, I was always told that I had an eye for photography and eventually that eye found the cinema. I fell in love with storytelling through a lens so I decided to pursue it as a hobby and a career.

As an art student, I’m always experimenting with different styles. I have done street photography as well as studio photography. I’ve worked on events, music videos, documentaries and short films. I have produced, directed, written, I’ve been the camerawoman as well as the model. Even though I still haven’t developed a style yet, I try to project indescribable feelings into every project I take on. Emotions are the most important thing in my storytelling.

Cinema is the direction I’m aiming for professionally. I look forward to working on different sets and seeing how fellow filmmakers create. I want to learn from them and beside them. Even though I try not to minimize myself, the genre I’m most interested in is drama. And of course, photography will always be a great passion of mine.